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Valentin Massow
is the creator of "Spiritual Realism" - a new direction in art,
a member of the Union of Artists of the USSA,
the Cavaliere Knight of Art


Valentin Massow, rus. Валентин Павлович Массов (11 April 1937) is a Russian painter, watercolorist who created a new direction in art - Spiritual Realism. 

In Russian transcription, the surname Massow is written through the letter "V" (Massov). But "Massow" is a German surname and does not have a root in Russian, so I (O.R.) write it in the German manner as Massow. So...

Valentin Massow, a brilliant artist, has emerged as a significant figure in the art world, bringing forth a unique perspective that blends spirituality and realism. His talent transcends traditional boundaries, as he delves into the depths of human emotions and experiences.

What sets Massow apart is his profound connection to spirituality. Through his artwork, he explores the intricate relationship between humanity and divinity. Massow's trust in God is the driving force behind his creative process, infusing each piece with a sense of transcendence.

In his pursuit of artistic expression, Valentin Massow introduces a new word in art - spiritual realism. By intertwining the physical realm with the ethereal, he creates captivating visuals that speak directly to the soul. His paintings evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation, inviting viewers to reflect on their own spiritual journey.

Massow's work challenges conventional notions of art by offering an alternative lens through which we can perceive reality. His ability to capture both tangible beauty and intangible truths is truly remarkable. With every stroke of his brush or pencil, he invites us to explore the unseen dimensions that exist beyond our everyday experiences.

Valentin Massow's contribution to the art world goes beyond mere aesthetics; it touches upon something deeper within us all - our connection to something greater than ourselves. Through his artistic vision and unwavering faith, he reminds us that art has the power to elevate our spirits and awaken our souls.

Valentin Massow's spiritual realism represents an exciting evolution in contemporary art. His ability to merge profound spirituality with skillful craftsmanship creates an immersive experience for viewers. As we delve into his pieces, we are reminded of our own journey towards understanding and finding meaning in life's complexities.

Olga Romanoff

The Cavaliere Knight of Art

Valentin Massow starring as The Wanderer (the film "Lermontov", 1986)

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